Dainty sandwiches

Dainty sandwiches (as served at Saxå Chamber Music Festival)





white toast or Swedish ‘kavring’ (a sweetened bread made with a mix of wheat and rye flour and often seasoned with cumin, anise and bitter orange).


Ingredients suggested fillings:

1. Smoked salmon and cream cheese (for example Cantadou flavored with horse radish)

2. Baked liver pâté mixed with some whipping cream, tomato purée and chopped pickled gherkins (preferably Swedish ‘Bostongurka’)

3. Chopped, smoked ham mixed with butter, mustard and finely chopped parsley.

4. Blue cream cheese mousse: Mix blue cheese and butter to a smooth cream.

5. Skagen mix - a creamy prawn and mayonnaise dip. (This was the most popular choice in 2014)


Cut the crust off the bread. Use a rolling pin to make them thinner. Spread the filling on a piece of bread, put more bread on top, then more filling and then again, more bread. Press together properly and cut in triangles. Sprinkle chopped green herbs on top and on the sides.

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