Grythyttan Town Square/Grythyttan Old Inn (Grythyttans Gästgiveri)

Grythyttan Town Square is considered nationally unique. The small town of Grythyttan was laid out to baroque plans under the regency that preceded Queen Christina’s majority, and got its town privileges in 1641.

The square is flanked by the stately homes of the wealthy ‘bergsmän’ (i.e. men who were shareholders in the local mines and/or iron works) with, at the back, the necessary outhouses for animals and storage, the whole forming quadrangles that became the basis for the street layout of the rest of the town. The rectangular square with its well became a natural meeting point. Here, the animals were watered on their way home to stable and barn.

The families of Grythyttan enjoyed the privilege of ‘burskap’, meaning that as townspeople, they had the right to trade and erect workshops outside the guild system. Towards the end of the 20th century, the environment was meticulously restored. Grythyttan Old Inn comprises two whole quadrangles of houses on the east side of the square.

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Nordic Academy of Gastronomy, Grythyttan (Måltidens hus i Norden)


The fantastic building housing Grythyttan Academy of Gastronomy started its life as the Swedish pavilion at the 1992 World Exhibition in Seville, Spain. Since its inauguration in 1994, the Nordic Academy of Gastronomy is the home to a well-oiled organization that welcomes around 50 000 visitors yearly, which makes it one of the foremost attractions in the Bergslagen region.

Since 2016 there are two parties that conduct business in the building: the Academy of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science (sorting under Örebro University) offers university education in gastronomy, service and hospitality professions, as well as research into various aspects of the meal as an experience. The other party involved is Loka Spa (‘Loka Brunn’) that manages Restaurant Hyttblecket, the shop, business activities, guided tours and much, much besides.

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Bredsjö Blue Cheese (Bredsjö Blå)

The milk from the East Frisian sheep graze at Bredsjö farm constitutes the raw material for the making of a one of Sweden’s most exclusive cheeses. The cheese is left to mature for more than a year before it is sold under the name of Bredsjö Blå (Bredsjö Blue).

This precious blue cheese of Roquefort type is often hard to come by. So why not take the chance to buy some in situ or visit their cheese café? The farm is owned and managed by Lars Göran Staffare and Lena Engkvist.

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Grythyttan Wine (Grythyttans Vin)

Why not take a trip to the Fritzell brothers’ wineyard Grythyttans Vin? The family run company makes a unique cloudberry wine that comes in many versions with different levels of sweetness to suit every taste.

They are also the makers of Grythyttans Jakt (‘Grythyttan Hunt’), a wine made with blue-, lingon- and juniper berries and Grythyttans Glögg, a mulled wine made with lingon- and blueberries and traditional Swedish spices.

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Loka Spa (Loka Brunn)


At Loka Brunn (Spa) there is a great selection of activities to choose between. There are team building activities, but also fantastic opportunities to both hunting and fishing.

In addition, Loka also offers courses leading to a hunting license for beginners, as well as secondary education for the skilled huntsman.

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Villa Edros

Villa Edros, a wonderful summer dwelling of large proportions, is an important piece of local history with its beautiful, simple aesthetics. It is situated by lake Agen’s eastern shore, c. 5 miles north of Filipstad.

It was erected by three sisters, Berith, Ingrid and Ragnhild Bergström at the beginning of the 1940s. It is modelled on one of the wings flanking Skogaholm’s Manor at Skansen Outdoor Museum in Stockholm, that Berith got to know through her work as a conservation specialist. Villa Edros with its interiors is a true mirror of the life, work and values that these three women shared, and it offers the opportunity to experience a genuine untouched environment from bygone era.

Read more about Villa Edros here

The Skräddartorp Bergsman Manor (Bergsmansgården Skräddartorp)

A ‘bergsman’ was a farmer and landowner who was also a shareholder in a mine and/or an iron works. By the late eighteenth century, many bergsmän (pl.) became wealthy and created a new type of local aristocracy in central Sweden’s iron belt Bergslagen, to which Saxå Bruk belongs.

The Skräddartorp Bergsman manor is the only Bergsman house which has a thatched roof, and where the whole original conglomeration of surrounding farm buildings has been preserved. In 1967, the estate, with all its inner and outer inventories, outbuildings and attached 250 acres of woodland, was donated by its last owner bergsman Viktor Olsson to Grythyttan Local History Society (‘Grythyttans Hembygdsförening’).

The manor is situated c. 5 miles from Grythyttan centre, on route to Loka Spa. In the summer, the house is open to visitors. Grythyttan Local History Society offers a range of activities at the house during the summer months. The society has an office situated in Grythyttan town square.

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Visit Värmland


Värmland is a county full of culture, adventure, challenges and fun activities. Occasionally, the beauty of the nature is so magnificent that it simply takes one’s breath away. Wherever you are in the county, the Värmlandic nature is always present, easily accessible.

And what’s more - it is all yours! Explore its vast forests, its open farmland, its stories and tales, the coast of lake Vänern or life along the Klarälven river.

Stadra Theatre


The combination of theatre, art, culture, dining and nature at Stadra is something out of the ordinary and a very, very special experience. Don’t miss out!

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Opera on the rocks (Opera på Skäret)


Opera on the rocks is Sweden’s largest summer opera festival. Here one can enjoy world-class opera, delivered in an opera house on the shores of lake Ljusnaren in the heart of Bergslagen. The very peculiar and distinctive opera house, a former lumberyard, is surrounded by un-spoilt nature, and is part of the experience. It has an acoustics that is unsurpassed even by the biggest opera houses in the world, and many are the world-renowned opera singers that have testified to that fact.

Every year, thousands of opera fans from all over the world make the pilgrimage to Skäret to take part in this truly unique opera experience.

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