Villa Edros


In her summer residence, Berith Bergström collected furniture, art and other objects connected to nearby Bosjö Manor, where the sisters grew up. Bosjö Manor was sold in 1916 by their parents, a tragedy the sisters never quite recovered from. The strong bonds to their childhood home, the life-long love for their parents bound the sisters together.

As for Berith, the dedication to attaining educational qualifications and maintaining a professional career, the latter at the expense of having a family life with children, was the price Berith paid for her art. Villa Edros is beautifully situated by lake Agen. The small manor was built in the 1940s by the Bergström sisters to use during the summer months. In 1966 it was donated rätta “5känktes” to Stockholm University, and was intended to be used for various seminaries and conferences. In the beginning of the first decade of the 21st century, the university wished to dispose of the villa through sale.

Carl Jan Granqvist purchased the summer residence in 2009, preserving Berith’s heritage. Today, Carl Jan very generously opens Villa Edros up for summer tours and other events, while being dedicated to preserving the environment and the interior just as it was. The same year that Carl Jan acquired the villa, he was the driving force behind the creation of the Society for the Preservation of the Memory of Berith Bergström (Föreningen Berith Bergströms Minne), for which he also sits on the board. Berith Bergström made a name for herself as a miniature artist, and her greatest work, which she accomplished with the help of Calle Gustafsson, is a collection of miniatures in the scale 1:10.

The society arranges yearly tours of Berith Bergström’s miniature village ‘Nolbygården’, and has its own homepage that can be visited at

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